Impact Gallery

Projects, Modifications, Repairs (Since 2022)


3D printing focused engineering projects identified through direct partnerships with local organizations. Aimed at developing personlized solutions to specific child needs. 

Nebula Capsule Bedside Projector Stand

Duke Children's Hospital

Texturized Hand Placement Board

Mariposa School

Table Mounted Tablet holder

Mariposa School

One-handed PS5 Adaptation

Mariposa School

Ride-On Car Modification

Individual Client

Adapted Knife Holder

Individual Client

Adapted Mixing Bowl

Individual Client


Battery-interrupted toys allow for ease of use for children with motor disabilites. Allows for greater variety of adapted toys available to children while significantly decreasing cost due to low-cost design focus. 

Switch Adapted Toy Train

Switch Adapted Fire Truck

Switch Adapted Bus

Switch Adapted Dump Truck


Electrically repaired toys that are received and donated to and from Durham Public Schools. Decreases financial burden on Durham schools and families to purhcase new and oftentimes expensive adapted devices/to. 

Lightning McQueen

Repaired internal connections.

Walking T-Rex

Re-soldered internal connection.

Bumble Ball

Repaired internal connections.

AbleNet Big Red Ball

Replaced male connector at the end of button.

Big Red Button x2

Battery compartment repair.

Squares Toy

Battery compartment repair.

Big Blue Button

Battery compartment repair.